Food for Thot – Send a Meal Gift Instead of…

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Food for Thot - Send a Meal Gift Instead of...

Zaima Ariff, a precise woman who spins occasional spreads on her dinning table, decided to go a step further with her culinary skills.

She invited me with some friends to explore her dishes at her cushion-comfort home and I found it to be sumptuous.

The variety was simple with rice served with tauhu sumbat and kuah kacang to accompany it, besides an aroma-filled chicken kurma. But the surprise dish was her Rendang Dendeng Warisan.

It did not just grasp my attention but it activated my salivary glands to a point where the other two dishes did little to ‘appetise’ me.


The secret to her dendeng styled rendang is in the tasting.

I do not know how others tackle their rendang, but I took each slice of meat and delicately chewed on it, tempering it with my enzymes to allow the rich spiced-up ingredients to spring up and tantalise my taste sensory.

My memory now has a tasty impression.

This epicurean dish – Dendeng Rendang Warisan – satisfied my desire to a point where I can recommend it to those who enjoy another kind of rendang serving.

Zaima only takes pre-orders, so take time to whatsapp her when you suddenly desire rendang, but also when unexpected family decide to drop by your home. 


After chatting with her over lunch, I realized that this dish could be a new form of ‘gift-sending’ for the new norm that we are experiencing. A perfect ‘dished-gift’ that your friends and relatives will appreciate in the midst of a pandemic.



Whatsapp 012 5181393