Tourism Perak – Stage 2 SOP Audit@Taiping

Members of the Tourism Perak SOP Compliance Committee are ready to audit tourism venues in and around Taiping. Picture taken at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari entrance. 22.07.2020

True to its name, “Tai-Peng” remains as peaceful as ever. The low-lying clouds with in-between sunshine streaks gave Tourism Perak SOP Compliance team a stress-free day to audit the various hotels, resorts and matchless leisure destinations.


A pleasant weather-subdued panoramic view of the renowned lake gardens taken from the Rooftop Skybar of Flemington Hotel gave several members of the invigilating team a reason to return another day.

From the rooftop of Flemington Hotel@Taiping Lake Gardens-3.00pm - 22.07.2020

Puan Hanim binti Ramly, Head of Corporate Affairs, Public Relations & Tourism Division, Majlis Perbandaran Taiping (MPT) was at hand to welcome the invigilating teams at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari. Teams left to audit tourism related businesses based on the list prepared by Tourism Perak.

Zoo Taiping & Night Safari: Puan Hanim (MPT) and Vincent (Flemington Hotel) at hand to welcome invigilators from outside Taiping. 22.07.2020

Unable to join the team in the morning, Cik Nurmalis Musa, CEO of Tourism Perak made it for lunch with the team at Novotel, Taiping. The very reason Tourism Perak is raising its bar on SOP Compliance among its industry players is to constantly ensure that safety standards are being practised at all times. We want to tell all Malaysian and international members of the business community residing in our country, that Perak is safe to visit, she said.

Ms Nurmalis (centre) took time to thank the invigilating team for assisting Tourism Perak maintain high standards of post-MCO-SOP Compliance in the state of Perak. With her are, Datuk Odzman, president of PTA and Ms Maggie Ong, former director of Syeun Hotel in Ipoh. Picture taken at entrance of Zoo Taiping. - 22.07.2020

Echoing her sentiments on safety and the importance of compliance, PTA President Datuk Odzman reiterated, “We come not to victimise the hoteliers and product owners, but rather to assist them in adhering and conforming to practises that will give assurance to both business and leisure tourists the confidence to select Perak as their preferred destination.

A member of the invigilating team conducting a random temperature check on hotel a staff. 22.07.2020

Five invigilating teams spend the day covering up to Kuala Sepetang located west of Taiping and Trong located southwest of Taiping beside the town itself. Teams reported that most venues were at par with the set standards except for one product owner who was yet to implement the SOP.

At the end of the day, Majlis Penyerahan Sijil Pematuhan Amalan Terbaik Pengendalian Produk Pelancongan di Negeri Perak Pasca Covid 19 was held at the meeting room, Zoo Taiping & Night Safari at 3.30 pm.

The presenting of the compliance certificates was graced by Puan Suhazliza Binti Yahaya (Administrative Officer -Tourism Perak), President and Vice-President of PTA, Datuk Odzman Bin Kadir and Dato’ Zuhuri Ahmad.

Seat front from left: Dato' Zuhuri, Datuk Odzman and Puan Suhazliza at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari - 22.07.2020

Pictorial Conformity Visits in Taiping on 22 July 2020

Compliance Invigilators at Sentosa Villa - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Telegraph Museum - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Louis Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Seri Malaysia-Taiping - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Panorama Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Trong Leisure Farm - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Kolam Air Panas - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Ethno Valley - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Charcoal Factory - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Museum Matang - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Flemington Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at SSL Traders Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Sense Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Legend Inn - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Hotel Taiping Perdana - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Beverly Hotel - 22.07.2020
Compliance Invigilators at Hotel Seri Warisan - 22.07.2020
Presentation of Compliance Certificate to Panorama Hotel - 22.07.2020
A lunch break pose from Novotel Coffee House - 22.07.2020