Get a blanket before it gets too cold…

An insurance story for those who think life has little value

Many, since the beginning of time took great pains to protect themselves against misfortune adventures. The moment the birth of anything takes place risk becomes synonymous. It doesn’t matter if it’s the birth of idea, a living or a non-living thing, everything that resides on this planet face risks.

An idea once documented is under the risk of being hijacked. A living thing faces the risk of being injured or killed, and a non-living thing (an item create, developed or crafted) faces the risk of being copied or destroyed. Nothing in this world is free from risk.

Humans with the ability to differentiate between needs and wants should pay attention to the importance of protecting themselves and their properties.

The non-human creatures insure themselves against misfortune by using inborn and training-after-birth skills including knowledge from their surroundings. Humans were in the same boat until the dawn of civilisation.

Civilisation promoted a higher level of consciousness in humans and spiralled them beyond their five senses. This left the other creatures to continue on their pre-destined path or with some becoming dependent on humans as domestication evolved.

Risk is unavoidable. Insurance eliminates risk.

If you are rational and ruled by common sense, your first concern when you reach the age of understanding would be to confront risk while participating in the adventures of life. Confronting risks means, to get a blanket for the cold that will surely come in or off-season. Insurance not only reduces risk but also in some cases eliminates it allowing you to pursue your quest to live a peaceful, joyful and a fulfilling life. Do not procrastinate, go, search for a policy that will not only insure but also ensure that as each day passes, the fruit of your labour is not only protected but is also secured and doubled.