The Baking Sisters of Tambun Indah

It is going to be a year since two sisters decided to start baking cakes and cookies. Since cancer removed their mum from their family of five, the sisters constantly rely on the one thing their mum left behind, memories plus a dream to bake. The sisters two, today, work on their best selling butter cake and moist chocolate cake, a favourite demand of their regular customers.

Although I haven’t tried either one, but I must say that I had a pleasurable time savouring their pandan and orange cake, both of which are my favourite. At one time they managed to pass a sausage filled bun to my wife that made my teatime meaningful.

Intricately detailed butter cake penguin by the baking sisters

Their sporadic movements are tailored towards achieving their academic dreams peppered with a desire to market their savouries to friends, relatives and referrals. While keeping busy, studying and baking, the sisters create bouquets upon request and manage a disciplined Amway agent lifestyle. 

When I asked them how they manage customers, they smiled and said, “We try to please each customer regardless of their demands. Our greatest satisfaction is the smile on their face when they arrive to pick their orders” Quick to add, “We made a decision to fend for ourselves without relying on financial support from our dad; and I hope to use my skills to plant this business on solid ground”, the elder concluded. The younger interjected, “I want to be different from the others.”

When I asked them the price range, the told me, “RM3.00” and out of curiosity I asked them what cake would a customer get for that amount and they answered with a grin, “Cupcakes”.

Those reading this article should give them a try. Find them at FB or Insta@thesistersbakes.

And, I almost forgot, Harshini the elder and Kirthika the younger are both on track to become an accountant and an engineer and here I am as I finish off this piece of work, wondering how with such desired occupations these daughters of Sivan have a passion to bake, arrange flowers and be sales agents.