Soon! One less place to stay in Ipoh

Maybe you have stayed here before, or had breakfast, lunch or dinner, or attended a wedding, birthday or seminar here, and or, ‘Mei-B’ have a dear friend working here. The here is Tower Regency Hotel, Ipoh.

A sad story we don’t want to write about, but we need to share with our readers not what happened but what are the consequences. At the time of writing this news, it’s already known to many that the management will cease operations on 30 April 2020 based on the statement made by the managing director, Simon Leong.

Already suffering losses over the last three years, the impact of Covid 19 sealed Tower Regency’s fate. Many especially Ipohites are familiar with this iconic building erected sometime in the 90s and considered one of tallest in Kinta Valley at that time.

Well, the ones to suffer most are the staff and the hotel’s supply chain. And if the movement control order, MCO is extended, expect to see several more close their doors.

To cool the anxiety, there is hope; those partially dependent on Tower Regency’s existence should look to other stronger accommodation providers to continue sustained supply of their wares and services. And those totally dependent on the hotel will have to tide through these uncertain times with the help of the government’s PRIHATIN Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) that was unveiled by the Prime Minister on 27 March 2020.

All is not lost. Once the pandemic completes its globetrotting vengeance, there is a possibility for Tower Regency to resume operations and the first to be admitted back to the staff force would obviously be those that are being laid-off now.