PM at MAEPS – 30 March 2020

The Old Puteras disaster relief cash collection has swelled to RM 101, 560 with goods-in-kind also valued at not less than hundred thousand.

OPA President, Dato’ Baha said, “Just like in boys wing time, 43 years later, I see OPs all geared-up, tremendously enthusiastic and supportive, wanting to do more for those most impacted. And I want to stand with them with words of appreciation and encouragement.”  

Since the last update, several more ‘impacted sites’ have been added to their list including Sarawak that is expected to receive 100 PPE boxes courtesy of Batch 12 (Intake 91-95) with the Panglima Tentera Udara (Chief of Air Force) confirming in providing logistical support.

It seems OPs are everywhere, where need is required. When the Prime Minister visited the Pusat Kuarantin dan Rawatan COVID-19 Berisiko Rendah at Taman Ekspo Pertanian Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS), the Pengarah Perubatan Bahagian Perkidmatan Kesihatan ATM, OP Maj Gen Datuk Dr Zulkeffle Mat Jusoh (E83-85) was at hand to brief the PM on the latest developments at the centre.

The PM (2nd from left) with OP Maj Gen Datuk Dr Zulkeffle Mat Jusoh
(in uniform) – 30 March 2020

Meanwhile, while Dato Baha was busy with OP Elias Jemadi couriering safety supplies to the TUDM Subang base, OPs of Southern Chapter – Tabung Orang Susah lead by OP Mohd Asrof bin Tukiman with OP Ernieza bin Mujeini ((H94-95), were busy shuttling food assistance non-stop to those most in need.

From Left: Maj Gen Felix Gonsalvez (TUDM North), OP Elias Jemadi (82), Operations Commander – OP Lt Gen Dato; Hj, Mohammad Salleh bin Hj. Osman (79) and OP Dato’ Baharuddin Mahyuddin – 31 March 2020

Concomitantly, the chairman of the OPA Disaster Relief, OP Zulhibri assisted by OP Dr Noorhisham both from intake 87 reiterated the need for OPs to continue with their coordinating efforts to reach out to assist the Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKDs) with supply of kits and materials for frontliners.

OPs Zulhibri (in yellow) and Dr Hisham (in green) with PKD Kepong staff – 31 March 2020

“Kerja gila”, is what Dato Baha termed in getting face-shield and PPE boxes ready within 24 hours. “We have been working round the clock for the past two days with OP Zulhibri to ensure these items are sent to hot spot PKD areas” he continued.

He also said that besides Sinar Harian publication, other donors have come forward requesting OPA Disaster Relief to supply items needed by PKDs which they will pay for.

The president of OPA acknowledged the presence of OP doctors serving at the Hospital Angkatan Tentera, Brig Generals, Amirrudin, Shabbar, Rosman, Faizal, Izuddin, Rushidi, Zulkeffle and those who left the service, Malik Faizal (Comandant Boy 85), Razin and Nizam.

On the same note, the OPA president invites OP doctors throughout Malaysia and those overseas to contact OPA secretariat, especially those performing Covid 19 frontline service.

He said, “Our association is proud to acknowledge and would like to provide further assistance to OPs serving in the frontlines.”

A Pictorial journey – deploying resources

The PM (2nd from left) with OP Maj Gen Datuk Dr Zulkeffle Mat Jusoh (in uniform) – 30 March 2020
OP Dr Hisham demonstrating the use of PPE barriers – March 2020
PKD Titiwangsa equipped with PPE barriers – March 2020
Endless effort by Ops delivering essentials – PKD Kepong – March 2020
Safety supplies for 1st Armour Regiment, Kuantan frontliners. Courtesy of Intake 93-94 – March 2020
OPA Package Label Details