Movement Control Order- 5 Thing that YOU can DO at HOME

By now most of us are already bored out of our minds, yes, even those working from home.

I’m technically working from home but the question is, “Can you really work from home when you have 3 children and a husband to look after in a confined space?”

I have listed 5 things that you can do while waiting for your boss or client to call.

Look Up?
Yes, look at the ceiling fan and if it is dusty, get a cloth, some detergent and start cleaning it. And yes, get your loved ones involved. Why not add some spice to your family cleaning activity, take photos before and after and post it on your Whatsapp or FB.

Bake or Cook
Yummy! I am sure that you always wanted to work on your baking and cooking skills. Now is the time to put your skills to test. 14 days in isolation is good time to work on your tea time butter cake or experiment with several of those wonderful YouTube recipes that you have been clicking on during your internet surfs. And yes, get your kids (if your have any) involved. Imagine the amount of money that you just saved in isolation.

Binge Netflix
Plop on the sofa and binge watch Netflix originals. If you don’t have a shared account try the 1-month free trial. This is only practical if you don’t have kids and yes, I’m not promoting Netflix.

Bring out the Board Games
Time to take out your dust laden old school board games like MasterMalaysia Play2Learn, Monopoly, Risk or even Scrabble. Bet that this will bring back fond memories and mind you, it keeps kids busy for hours. No one to play with? No worries, you can play it online at

Start a garden (or kitchen garden)
Green Fingers! Gardening in isolation can be a great way to pass the time during social distancing and self-quarantine. Self-isolation will increase your level of patience as you add greens to your home and potentially a supply of vegetables from your little kitchen garden. Fast growing vegies are taugey from Mung beans, leafy bayam and herbs like mint and spring onion. Online YouTube tutorials will spoil you for choice.

Well! Hopefully, this article helped. Remember folks, “Stay put at home”. You are welcome to the 5 suggestions and happy tiding away time, as you and your family stay protected in the confines of your home.

By the way, you just helped the nation flatten the curve of the Covid 19 outbreak.