Let’s Clean-Up Our Act

Today’s Topic: Don’t rubbish the idea of proper rubbish disposal

I’m sure…you have regular showers?

I’m sure…you trim your nails often?

I’m sure…you wash your hands before and after your meals?

I’m sure…you wash your hands when you return home?

I’m sure…you clean your house daily?

I’m sure…you remove rubbish from your house?

Now! Maybe sometimes you forget to…

Brush your teeth

Wash your face

Gargle after meals

Put your undergarments for wash – I mean daily!

Wash your pots, pans, plates, tumblers, cups and mugs before using them

If you know how to keep the inside of your house clean, than how come when you step out of your house, all that you see are potential garbage sites?

The public place is also a home and not just for you but for us too. You are scared that your home will become a den of disease carrying organisms and so you make the effort to keep it clean. But what about your neighbours, they too want to be safe.

Dirty environment attract insects, pests, undesirable microorganisms and these unwanted creatures bring dangerous diseases.

If you think that by throwing your rubbish indiscriminately outside your home will keep you and your family safe, think again. You and your family are not. And by your bad actions, you not only put yourself and your family in danger but also your neighbours.

Covid 19 has advertised an absolute message: The burden to keep safe is on us.

I just don’t understand why in the 21st Century when there are dustbins and designated dumbs, people still throw rubbish along roads and into drains that are designed to drain off rainwater into monsoon drains to streams to rivers and finally the sea.

Another disgusting habit is to throw your rubbish out of your car as you drive to your destination. This is a pure ‘kurang ajar’ attitude.

So we the mentally stable members of society have decided, “Enough is enough!”

Chilli Story is going to take the lead by opening an online poster board to shame-educate people who have total disregard for public area cleanliness. We consider such people as mentally unstable and they deserve to be “Called-Out” through this initiative.

This is what we are going to do together as responsible members of society.

We invite the public to “Snap/Shoot & Send” photos or videos to keepclean@chillistory.com

Anyone that throws rubbish in non-designated public places is considered an irresponsible person.


If you see this and notice the culprit who is guilty of this act…

…take a photo or video and send to keepclean@chillistory.com

Please give the following details with your photo/video:

Location (public site)

Time (when the photo was taken)

Date (the day you took it)


We will post your photos or videos on our “Kurang Ajar Poster Board“. And we will inform the local authorities to use our portal noticeboard to take the necessary action.

Kurang Ajar Poster Board” is Chilli Story news portal’s way of taking responsibility to foster Community-Unity . It is our phase one action plan towards keeping Malaysia the cleanest national home in the region.

Non Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Act: Our organization will not divulge the details of the owner and sender of photo and videos.