“When we have won Covid 19 war, we shall come together and celebrate”


BUT TODAY WE ARE AT WAR and our enemy has the ability to destroy us from within. Smaller than our pride, less in knowledge but with unseen powers, our enemy is on a full-scale assault on everything that we believe in and stand for – our survival.

It is at times like these we need to preach to ourselves, “Go do something, now?”

Let me tell you the two main groups that we who are confined in our homes, should look at and think of.

The first group – Frontliners

You and I are either one of them or have a relative or family among this group. They are susceptible to coronavirus. And today or tomorrow one of them might just return home, infected. We hope not. But, it’s beyond our control. This is a risk all frontliners are taking for you and for me.

Think of what you can do for them as they form a barrier between you and Covid 19!

The second group – Unfortunates

Some of us might be related to one or know someone in our community who is unfortunately displaced due to this virus virulence. No fault of theirs, they are now victims to both biological and economic disaster. We need to consider their plight. They have nowhere to go. Hunger-drives-desperation-drives-logic-drives-survival-drives-predation.

Let us give something to eat to someone who is hungry as we sit in the comfort of our homes as we ready ourselves to eat.

Chilli Story wants to band together with you to fight the Corvid 19 warfare. We desire to support the numerous groups in Malaysia that is providing food and care to the frontliners and the unfortunates.

We will dedicate a Notice Board, posting legitimate groups that are sourcing for funds to provide the needful to our warriors and those in need.

Givers like you can choose to which group you want to give AND the needy can use this platform to reach out to these groups that are providing the necessities.

All you need is a heart for The Frontliners and The Unfortunates.

Do what your can because out there, there is one human who is protecting you and there is another human who is hungry for food.