“We are not the worst affected nation on this planet, and as a nation, we are one of the most resilient, tough and responsive. And our frontliners are the real-time heroes“, OPA President, Dato’ Baha said, adding, “It’s our honour as old puteras to be able to do our bit…“ It is twenty days since the last update on OPA Disaster Relief activities and here are some quick takes since 5 April 2020. We just received this sad news. A second old putera battled Covid 19 and breathed his last breath at 0356 hours on 25 April at the Sg. Buloh hospital. Dato’ Mohd Fuad bin Abd Latif was the former Deputy Chief of Police, Selangor. The Parit born OP 73-G Coy’s death saw messages of Al-Fatihah being shared since this morning; on various old puteras chat groups.

OP76 speaks of the late OP73

The late OP-73 Dato’
Mohd Fuad bin Abd Latif – April 2020

Dato’ Mohd Fuad bin Abd Latif was pious yet jovial, an unbiased man of principle. About him, this is what his officers in the Management Department – Service and Establishment Division at Bukit Aman had to say. One officer related, “You can have a constructively intended heated discussion with him but if backed-up with facts and figures, he listened.” Another said, ” A simple man, friendly to his subordinates but he had firm convictions.” “He didn’t tolerate nonsense and insincerity,” the third voiced out.

Based on hearsay, many said of him of being helpful when someone sought his assistance but it had to be by the book. Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to work with him throughout my service although there was a time when we were in the same division between 2000 and 2002. I was in Pahang police headquarters in management (service and establishment) and he was during that period, head of the unit in charge of ‘Posting and Transfer’ of junior police officers in Bukit Aman. Farewell to a good OP SAC (Retd) Mun Kock Keong Last post: SAC Strategic Policy at IGP’s Secretariat Research & Development Bukit Aman.

Centre: SAC Mun Kock Keong (OP76) taken with his staff before retiring
– January 2020
NOW! Back to the frontline battle against the microscopic enemy,OPs have been pushing their boundaries to bring relieve to frontliners and in addition, to the under-privileged in our communities.

A 2-day stint across the South China Sea saw some OPs on Sarawak shores handing over donations on day one to; Pusat Kesihatan Samarahan, Hospital Serian, Hospital Sri Aman and Hospital Sibu. Courtesy of Panglima Medan Timur (PMT), they stayed overnight at Wisma Perwira RRD Sibu. The second day saw the team deliver essentials to Hospital Bintulu and Hospital Miri with an overnight stay in Miri, courtesy also of PMT. The disaster relief in Sarawak was made convenient with the support of Panglima Medan Timur OP Datuk Zamrose who allowed the army trucks to facilitate delivery. Grateful to OPAs initiative to support frontliners in the land of hornbills, was Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak who conveyed his appreciation during a Sarawak TV interview.

OP-91 Edmund Ranum (3rd from right) delivering essentials to all hospitals in Sarawak – April 2020

Over to the north, in a joint effort exercise – in tackling delivery of essentials in the land below the wind – OPs, known to be excellent organisers had the support of the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). Working hand-in-glove with medical NGOs comprising Mercy Malaysia, IMAM Response and Relief Team (IMARET) and Malaysia Relief Agency (MRA), the OPA Disaster Relief team were able to conduct the relief delivery operations with ease. At hand to provide assistance was Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) and OPs stationed within it.

OP Dato’ Baha (3rd from left) with representative Tuan Hj. Azam of Mercy Malaysia – April 2020

Back in the peninsula, OPs of East Coast Chapter led OP Joe Yap and his team distributed PPEs in Kelantan while in another joint effort move, up in the west coast northern states, hospitals received PPEs from OPA in collaboration with Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) and Malay College Old Boys Association (MCOBA). The Klang Valley, housing over 10 million people and facing the brunt of the virus onslaught had the backing of the OPA. The OPs were back-to-back delivering PPE supplies to various hospitals in this economic hub. Pusat Perubataan Angkatan Tentera (PPAT), Sg. Besi was also not forgotten and received a fair share of the PPEs. The Old Puteras disaster relief cash collection has risen to RM 200, 000 with the value of goods-in-kind, over RM 500, 000.

A Pictorial journey – deploying resources

TUDM renders full support to frontliners – April 2020
OP-87/91 Low Tuck Loong with the displaced in Kuala Lumpur – April 2020
OP Jr Zulkhibris manages to get a Korean company to help out the homeless affect by the pandemic – April 2020
OPs deliver PPEs to PPAT Sg. Besi – April 2020
PPE boxes self-manufactured by OPs ready for delivery through MCOBA and PBSM’s effort – April 2020
From left, Hamdi Abdullah, Hon Sec Mcoba, Hakim Hamzah, National Hon Treasurer MRCS, Dato Sayed A Rahman bin Sayed Mohd, SecGen MRCS. PPE boxes from OPA – April 2020
OP Dr Firdaus (in blue) with his batch mates 91-95 – April 2020
Op Irwand Chu and Op Dr Yaakub Batch R12 in Sabah – April 2020