Ex-Boys continue to Serve2Lead

We are proud to feature things great and small that OPA does for this nation.

The Old Putera Association of the Royal Military College is unable to prevent the pandemic, only alleviate it. The little that they can do, they do it to ‘Serve to Lead’ – a message that is carved in the minds and hearts of the puteras the moment they stepped into the boys’ wing.

Dato’ Baharuddin Mahyuddin, the president said, “We are trained to serve humbly to one day lead in humility.” He continues, “And today with Covid 19 terrorising Malaysians, OPA serves to lead again through its association to support those in the frontlines.”

With approximate cash collections reaching RM 31, 000 and goods-in-kind both consumables and non-consumables valued at over RM100, 000, OPA is on its toes deploying items to meet the urgent needs of frontliners.

Interestingly, one particular item that is being delivered to hospitals is PPE – personal protective equipment – intubation boxes designed by their very own ex-boy, OP Doctor Firdaus Hariri.

A total of 23 PPE intubation boxes have been deployed to hospitals from west coast to east coast of the peninsula.  Hospital Shah Alam received 3 units while 8 were sent to Pusat Kesihatan Daerah Seremban. 3 units were despatched south to Hospital Besar Melaka and 5 to Hospital Kuala Pilah. Finally, 4 units, 2 for Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan and 2 for IIUM Medical Centre, both located in Kuantan were deployed concurrently with the rest on 28 March. 

A few days prior, besides delivering 6,000 pairs of gloves, 4 sets of walkie-talkies and loads of other necessities the association went a step further in sponsoring the setting up of screening tents at Klinik Kesihatan Titiwangsa, Klinik Kesihatan Setapak, Klinik Kesihatan Dato Keramat and Klinik Kesihatan Kg. Pandan.

The screening tents sponsorship is in memory of 12924 OP60-62 E Coy, Lt. Col Abd Rahmad bin Said, who bravely fought and succumbed to the ravages of Covid 19 on 24 March 2020.

Dato’ Baha as he is fondly known, termed the OPA’s fight as, “We lost one, but we surrender not…”

It has been over 10 days of non-stop effort to deliver donated essentials to frontline hospital staff, police enforcement teams, military and, for the public ASNAF families in need – milk and food. In anticipation, the OPA wishes to thank all donors and welcome others to step up their good works in trying times.

A Pictorial journey – deploying resources

From Left: OP Elias Jemadi, OP Col Dr Rafizi, Lt Col Dr Tarmizi and staff. Handing over of 1000 masks, 1000 gloves and 250 (60ml) sanitisers to Hospital Mizan – 28 March 2020
ATM receives 1500 masks, 1000 gloves and 500 sanitisers – 24 March 2020
Members of the military force at the frontlines – March 2020
APMM receiving 1500 masks, 2000 gloves and 500 (30ml) sanitisers – March 2020
Essentials for Hospital Kuala Lumpur Dept. of Anaesthesia – 24 March 2020
OP Meor Nazir with packed food supply for Hospital Kelaboran, Tumpat, Kelantan – 24 March 2020

A Pictorial journey – deploying resources

OP Azizan Zainal@Tom sending food for the police in KL -March 2020
PM at MAEPS – 30 March 2020
OP Dr Hisham demonstrating the use of PPE barriers – March 2020
PKD Titiwangsa equipped with PPE barriers – March 2020
Endless effort by Ops delivering essentials – PKD Kepong – March 2020
Safety supplies for 1st Armour Regiment, Kuantan frontliners. Courtesy of Intake 93-94 – March 2020
OPA Package Label Details
From Left: OP Elias Jemadi, OP Col Dr Rafizi, Lt Col Dr Tarmizi and staff. Handing over of 1000 masks, 1000 gloves and 250 (60ml) sanitisers to Hospital Mizan – 28 March 2020