Calling all Malaysian 3D Printers

Are able to produce face shields for Covid 19 frontline use?

Based on an online article by The Star on 23 March 2020, manufacturers like Minnature, Pebblereka and Bji Biji Design are working on it right now.

It would be commendable if there were others out there to join hands with them to do the same.

The group said it is printing masks based on open-source design files from DIY community Instructables.

These materials needed for the mask are as below:

  • Acrylic sheets (preferably 4mm or 5mm thickness)
  • A4 sized transparent PVC rigid sheet (0.2mm)
  • Sponge or EVA / PU Foam equivalent
  • Scissors and cutters
  • Hot glue gun + Glue sticks
  • Elastic bands (the kinds used for tailoring) or equivalents such as Household rubber bands
  • Laser Engraving Machine (in our case we use the Epilog Helix 75W)

With thousands working along frontlines, tirelessly, it would be consoling to medical personnel to know that there are Malaysian and SME businesses showing concern and appreciation.

For further information please refer to Mr. Wan Cheng Huat, Facebook group 3D Printing Malaysia Community for Covid-19